Daniele Brusaschetto
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20/02/2024 - In a couple of week we'll set fire to fuse. 💣💥
Daniele Brusaschetto
Daniele Brusaschetto with Wormholedeath.
06/feb/2024 - I'm thrilled to announce that the Brusaschetto company is starting a collaboration with Stage2stage - Concert booking & promotion. To celebrate thirty years of career, during 2024 I will play live around Europe with my power trio. The first part of the tour will take place in march, in the south/east area. Here are the dates. Thank you Damir Marijan!
05.03 La Tevi - Cluj Napoca, Romania
06.03 Rock'n Roll Center - Zalau, Romania
07.03 M2 - event venue - Timisoara, Romania
08.03 S8 Underground Club - Budapest, Hungary
09.03 A BETON - Gyor, Hungary
Daniele Brusaschetto
Daniele Brusaschetto with Wormholedeath Label Japan.
31/jan/2024 - Out in Japan TODAY ! ⚫️ Daniele Brusaschetto "Bruise A Shadow" CD album 本日リリース!!ダニエーレ・ブルザスケット ブルーズ・ア・シャドウ イタリア出身ベテラン・スラッジ・メタル・トリオ・バンド 通算 13 作目ニュー・アルバム グルーヴ感溢れるギターを軸にしたスーパー・ヘヴィネス・サウンド!!
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*Tower Records

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Daniele Brusaschetto
Daniele Brusaschetto
22/jan/2024 - ".. 'Bruise A Shadow' is more than just an album. It's an artistic odyssey.. ". Awesome review of 'Bruise A Shadow' on german webzine BlattTurbo. Thank you Carsten Dehn !
#Blattturbo #rock #metal #odyssey
Daniele Brusaschetto
Daniele Brusaschetto
12/jan/2024 - "..Otto brani di grande impatto e con sempre qualcosa di inaspettato al loro interno..". Bellissima recensione di #BruiseAShadow sul numero di gennaio di #Buscadero , nelle migliori edicole. Grazie a #DanieleGhiro e #LinoBrunetti ! ❤️
Daniele Brusaschetto
Daniele Brusaschetto with Wormholedeath.
02/01/2024 - Brusaschetto's song "Sidereal Black" is included in the Rock Hard Italy's december playlist on Spotify. Enjoy it and have a great beginning of the year!