Daniele Brusaschetto is a veteran of Italian and international music underground. His musical expression is the sum of two artistic souls: the radicalism of extreme music, from the death metal of his early bands, to industrial and harsh noise, through the most experimental side of ambient electronics, marries the intimate, whispered dimension of a warped and oblique songwriting, with lyrics (often in Italian) that give a twisted sight on everyday’s most apparently insignificant objects and actions. Across the millennium change Daniele Brusaschetto has played live in several tours in Europe and U.S.A., accompanied on stage by Bruno Dorella, one of the most recognized characters of non-conventional Italian music in the world, and Marco Schiavo of Larsen, and sharing the stage with artists such as Oxbow, Ulan Bator, OvO, Marlene Kuntz, Uzeda, Bugo, Larsen, Paolo Spaccamonti, Sikhara and many others. Year 2016 sees the release of “Radio Stridentia”, the 12th official release under the name Daniele Brusaschetto, not counting the several side-projects. “Radio Stridentia”, likewise the majority of his releases, is available on Bosco Rec, a label founded by Brusaschetto himself  in 2003 after releasing some of his works for labels such as Bar La Muerte, RRR, Blossoming Noise, Radon and Snowdonia.

Side Projects:  

All Scars Orchestra
Ich Niente